October 19th—21st 2023
Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
October 19th—21st 2023
Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
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Meet us at the Palace of Parliament

October 19th—21st 2023
Bucharest, Romania

Getting there

By Metro

M1, M3

Get off at the "Izvor" Station

By Bus

136, 385, N121

Get off at the “Palatul Parlamentului” bus stop.

By Tram

23, 32

Get off at the “Piata Regina Maria” tram stop.


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- Tap on Promos
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Our colleagues will guide you to the parking area.

There are a limited number of parking spots available at the Palace of Parliament.

If it is full, they will direct you to the paid parking in Piata Constitutiei. From there, it is a 10-minute walk to the entrance.

Entering the venue


Upon arrival, our colleagues will scan your ticket/invitation and secure a bracelet on your wrist.

The bracelet will be required for the duration of the event, so please ensure that you keep it with you at all times.


At the entrance, you will be directed towards the security filter.

The security check is similar to the ones conducted at airports. All the usual security threats that pose a risk to the safety and well-being of individuals are strictly prohibited. This includes any potential threats such as explosives, guns, weapons, and any other prohibited items.

All individuals and bags will undergo this security check.

Please prepare for this by placing all your belongings in your bag and/or the bins provided at the security checkpoint.

Inside the venue

Enjoy the event

xDay 2023 takes place in the functioning Romanian Palace of Parliament so please follow these guidelines:

→ Follow the directions given by the event organizers and security forces

→ Do not go beyond the event area limits

→ Maintain an appropriate behavior


A map of the xDay 2023 event taking place at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania


Do I need to have my ID with me?

Yes! This is a security requirement, given the sensitive nature of the venue where xDay 2023 is held. Any form of valid ID will work (national ID card, passport, driver’s license).

I have received a QR code for checking in. Can I still use my NFT ticket?

Yes, of course you can use your NFT ticket to check in. We have sent all participants the additional QR code, just in case.

How can I update the information that will appear on my badge?

We sent out an email to all participants to verify their information. If you have not received that email (make sure you check the spam folder), please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/5J4FrEjeFzNsNU2d7

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