October 19th—21st 2023
Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
October 19th—21st 2023
Palace of Parliament, Bucharest


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Note: If you plan on using an API for any amount of traffic, we recommend using one of the RPCs found below or in the sponsored resources section. Public RPCs are only for basic testing.

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Does this hackathon take place online?

The xDay Hackathon is a global hackathon that takes place online and lasts for 30 days in total. The hackathon ends with an optional in-person event, the Grand Finale, as part of the xDay event in Bucharest, Romania on 19th-21st of October 2023. 

However, at the conclusion of the online event, we're hosting an optional in-person grand finale in Bucharest, Romania.

Is the in-person Grand Finale event mandatory to attend?

While participation in the online hackathon is open for all builders worldwide, attending the in-person part of the hackathon is entirely optional.

Why should I attend the Grand Finale event in Bucharest?

We encourage builders to attend the Grand Finale event in Bucharest in October 2023 and we highlight the following reasons to do so:

  • Opportunity to attend free-of-charge xDay, the 3-day conference organized by MultiversX using the Hacker Ticket.
  • Free-of-charge entry to the xDay Hackathon VIP event on the last day of the conference.
  • Access to insightful workshops, keynotes and panels on relevant topics fully dedicated to hackers.
  • Opportunity to showcase your project (for winning projects) on the xDay conference stage in front of tech leaders, VCs and other industry professionals.
  • Opportunity to network with builders, VCs, community members and MultiversX team members during the xDay hackathon and VIP event.

Where do I purchase the ticket for the Grand Finale?

Participants can obtain free xDay Hacker Tickets by submitting their projects after a minimum of 2 weeks of development. The submitted projects are allowed to be work-in-progress. The submitted projects will be reviewed, and Hacker Tickets will be granted if they align with the event's criteria.

Is the registration required before submitting the project?

Yes, you are required to register for the hackathon before submitting your project. The registration deadline is October 16th, 2023. For the Future of Technology Journey, please register here. For the Gaming and Metaverse Journey please register here.

Can I register for the hackathon as solo coder?

You can register for the hackathon as solo coder. However, we recommend finding other builders within the community to form a team and take your project to the next level.

Where do I find a team member for my project?

Join the MultiversX Builders Discord server and chat with the other community members and builders, get inspired and find your co-founder or team members for your project. We are going to help you connect with other hackers.

Where do I find a mentor during the hackathon?

Join the MultiversX Builders Discord server and we will make sure you will connect with the right mentor for you and your team to successfully develop your project.

Where can I ask technical questions during the hackathon?

Join the MultiversX Builders Discord server and our team will offer you support during the xDay Hackathon.

Do I have to be technical to join the hackathon?

Being technical is not a requirement to join the hackathon, anyone can join the xDay hackathon as long as they register for one of the two journeys.

Can I submit a pre-existing project?

Yes, we allow pre-existing projects to be submitted to the xDay Hackathon. However, the projects should not have raised significant funding already and should have a variety of feature changes made. The pre-existing projects will only be evaluated on the development work, features, and code produced during this hackathon.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one project and do more than one challenge. However, the multiple projects you submit should not be for the same track.

Are there any ideas for projects, apps, and tools to build?

Yes, we put together a variety of project ideas for you as challenges for each hackathon track. Find the xDay Hackathon project ideas here.

Where do I get updates related to the hackathon?

For news, updates, or any kind of announcement related to the hackathon, make sure to join the MultiversX Builders Discord server and follow the official X profile for the xDay Hackathon.

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